Recent Stuff

I’ve been neglecting to update this “news” page because A. that’s what people are supposed to do with their blogs, right? and B. I’ve been busy making lots of stuff. I have a spare minute, so here’s a quick rundown of recent highlights…

Fast Company Logo

I drew a new logo for Fast Company!

DSG Sans

I drew a new typeface family for Dick’s Sporting Goods (via the great Doubleday & Cartwright.

Sundance Catalog Logo

I drew a new logo for the Sundance Catalog. Robert Redford!

o Banquinho Logo

I got to help Claudia de Almeida and Margaret Swart with the logo for their exciting new design studio.

Wired Headlines

I drew some pretty headlines for Wired.


Those pretty headlines led to a bananas typeface for Wired.

Whew! More on the way… Want me to make something for you? I’ll gladly not have time to update my blog so that I can work on your project! Just get in touch.

Now, back to work.

July 2, 2015

I’m on Fontstand.

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